Mosaic Global Impact partners with organizations working within local churches around the world to bring the hope of Jesus to hurting people.


Global Partnerships

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Proem Ministries

Since 2013, we've partnered with PROEM to help accomplish their mission of reaching Poland—where only 1% of the country are connected to evangelical churches. Through local outreach events, summer camps, and more, PROEM seeks to break down denominational barriers by teaching people what it means to truly know Jesus Christ. 


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Life in Abundance (LIA)

Life In Abundance is an African-founded, faith-based organization that seeks to restore health, renew hope, and inspire lasting transformation for the world's most vulnerable families. By partnering LIA, we have the opportunity to empower the local church to provide lasting care for hurting people while pointing them to Jesus Christ. 

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Pro Deo Church Plant

Cape Town, South Africa is exactly the kind of place where new churches are desperately needed. It’s diverse. Eleven official languages and many different tribes and races are represented in the city’s population. It’s a center of culture, and it’s growing. Presently there are 3.7 million people in the Cape Town metro.

Each one of the more than 3 million people are known and loved by God. That's why it is the desire of Lead Pastor Louis and his wife Yolandi, through Pro Deoto established a church in Cape Town that brings new life and transformation to this extraordinary city.