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Dec. 3

WEEK TWO: The Thrill of Hope

In some languages, like Spanish, the word for “hope” and the word for “wait” are the same. Hope doesn’t mean just having a vague wish for something to happen; it means expecting it with great anticipation.

As we celebrate Christmas, we look back to when people hoped for—expected—a Messiah to come and save them from oppression. More than that, we ourselves wait for the return of our Lord Jesus to bring about the final glory of His return.

As you go throughout your week, remember that not only was Jesus born to unite God and people through salvation, but He is coming again to bring together Heaven and Earth forever. That’s what we wait for; that’s what we hope for.

READING: Jeremiah 29:10-14
CHALLENGE: Send a thank you note to someone who doesn't know how much he/she has impacted you. 

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