Mosaic is a church for people who don’t go to church.

We exist to help you grow in your faith and experience Jesus in a real and powerful way.

Here’s all you need to know before joining us this weekend!


VIP Parking

We provide VIP parking for all first-time guests, so be sure to put on your hazard lights and our parking team will escort you to the VIP area.  

The Black Tent

As a first-time guest, we want to ensure your experience at Mosaic is a great one. Stop by the Black Tent on your way in to receive some special information and a personal escort around the facility before service. Anyone wearing a "New To Mosaic?" T-shirt exists to serve you exclusively.



Kids Check In

As a first-time family, we provide a special Check In process that makes dropping off your children in Mosaic Kids rooms as easy as possible. Every Kids volunteer is interviewed and goes through a background check too.

Live, Loud Band

We celebrate God each week by singing songs about his love and how He brings us hope.

Our worship service is loud, lively, and a whole lot of fun.


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Practical Teaching

At Mosaic, you'll hear practical teaching from the Bible that impacts your life no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. We love to have fun, be real, and learn about Jesus. 

The sermons are geared toward adults, and we welcome teens to participate in the experience as well. Children 5th grade and younger are encouraged to experience Mosaic Kids


Every week we celebrate what Jesus has done for us by taking communion. We invite people to remember that because of Jesus, we can experience hope, grace, and a relationship with God.

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Partnership to Impact Our Community

Just by being a first-time guest, you are partnering with Mosaic to better serve our community.

For every first-timer who turns in their Connection Card, Mosaic donates financially to a Local Impact partners, helping hurting people find hope.