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The Bible teaches us that once we put faith and trust in Jesus, our next step is to repent and be baptized! 

We get it—baptism may seem strange. If you want to learn more, you can check out this sermon about baptism. We've also pulled the highlights out for you below!


Not a short answer and one that is lived out over the course of your lifetime. Mosaic is here to help you on the journey as you know God, find your crew, and change the world.

Something we give out for free is a 35-day guide to your new life in Christ.



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Take the Next Step

Taking the step of baptism is a significant moment in the life of a follower of Jesus! If you want to connect with somebody to learn more, we're ready to talk! And if you're ready to take this step, you can register for our next baptism and we'll follow up with you! 

☑️ Check the Baptism Box