• Saturday
  • 9:00am
  • Open

Weekly - Equipping Working Moms

Did you just recently go back to work after having children? Are you currently juggling the pressure of pursuing Christ, being a good spouse, and spinning the plates of motherhood and work? Join this social group to meet ladies just like you. Jesus calls you to freedom, not guilt or shame. He has equipped you to thrive in your passions and gifts. Equipped you to lead little people and coworkers. And He loves you the same in your messy kitchen or cluttered office. This group will meet by fireside on Saturday mornings with coffee and breakfast to hear scripture, make new friends, and equip our hearts to move with love throughout our week (and also get a little break)!

Led by: Danielle Basch
Type: Social
Location: Ellicott City/Elkridge
Day/Time: Saturday at 9:00am
Age: Everyone Welcome
Gender: Women
Childcare: No
Frequency: Weekly for 3 months (10/1 to 12/16)
Cost: None