Below, you'll find a list of job openings that we believe will enable us to better serve others and help them encounter Jesus.  

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The full-time Student Director will lead and pioneer the growing ministry of Mosaic Students. The core responsibilities include: 

 - Serve as the catalytic leader of the student ministry
 - Develop students to become lasting, active followers of Jesus
 - Take new ground as a ministry through bold leadership and experimentation
 - Equip leaders with necessary resources, vision, and organization to lead freely
 - Facilitate student events with excellence and intentionality
 - Preach/communicate broadly with passion and clarity to inspire and activate Mosaic students

Candidates should possess a Bible degree or other degree (undergraduate or graduate) related to ministry. To see the full Student Director job description, click the button below... 



The full-time Communications Director will continue to develop and defend Mosaic’s vision and voice. The core responsibilities include:

 - Lead and produce excellence communication pieces across both digital and print platforms
 - Pioneer new creative avenues to engage both our congregation and the unchurched region around us
 - Contribute as part of Mosaic's Creative Arts Department
 - Organize and strategize marketing and advertising so that everyone in Maryland can know and experience what Jesus is doing at Mosaic.

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The full-time Guest Experience Director will lead one of our largest weekend serving teams (200+ volunteers) to ensure that every person who experiences Mosaic on a weekend is engaged with care and excellence. The core responsibilities include:

- Lead the Guest Experience team with passion, excellence, and vision
- Provide clarity and care, while challenging volunteers to grow in capacity
- Pioneer and experiment with new ways to care for and engage our guests during weekend services
- Oversee multiple facets of the organization ranging from parking, to first impressions, to in-auditorium guest experiences

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The full-time CFO will provide fiscal leadership in support of the Lead Pastor, Leadership Team, and Board of Overseers. The core responsibilities include:

- Manage lending relationship with Long Term Debt
- Manage operating checking accounts, savings accounts, ACH, Wires, etc.
- Responsible for cash flow/liquidity needs and implementing debt reduction strategies
- Develop and communicate financial strategy for obtaining ministry goals

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