• Friday
  • 9:30am
  • Open

Weekly - Raising Tiny Disciples

"As Christian parents, we know there are objective truths that should guide our parenting. We know because we aren't just parents: we are disciplers. In a very real sense, we are the "pastors" (shepherds) of the souls at home. How we raise these little ones to understand good, evil, right, wrong, people, and God starts at babyhood. Raising Tiny Disciples isn't a theological guide to raising children, it's actual advice to enjoy the process of raising kids and to enjoy your kids as well!"

We will be reading, discussing, and practicing the principles found in the book 'Raising Tiny Disciples' by Phylicia Masonheimer.

Led by: TaLessa Sokoly
Type: Special Focus (FPU, Book Study, Marriage group, ETC)
Location: Catonsville
Day/Time: Friday at 9:30am
Age: Anyone
Gender: Women
Childcare: Kids Welcome
Frequency: Weekly for 3 months (2/4 - 5/4)
Cost: Yes - $10 for ebook, $20 for physical copy.