• Thursday
  • 8:00pm
  • Open

Weekly - Theology but Funner

I get it, a theology group sounds really boring BUT hear me out! This group isn't going to be a stuffy college class, but instead a group where we'll bring our questions and doubts about God, faith, and the world and see the practical impact of good (and bad) theology in our everyday lives. This group will not be over your head or intimidating. It will be fun and real as we dive into discussions that YOU choose and look to scripture as our guide. Come ready to be challenged and built up.

Led by: TaLessa Sokoly
Type: Bible Study
Location: Catonsville
Day/Time: Thursday at 8:00pm
Age: Anyone
Gender: Women
Childcare: No
Frequency: Weekly for 3 months (2/4 - 5/4)
Cost: None