• Jan 21, 2024
  • Mosaic Team

Soundtrack Resources

In the series Soundtracks, we look at anger, fear, hurt, anxiety, shame, burden... the messages that play on repeat, underscore your daily life, and undermine your spiritual health. The most damaging things in life are not what happens to you—but the messages we take on because of them. 


Many of us listen to influencers, lectures, podcasts, and professors—but no matter who you listen to—no voice is more influential than the one in your head. Is that voice fueled by wounding, shame, anger, burden, and fear? Or is it grounded in scripture and the truth of God?


This is a lifelong journey—but it’s got to start somewhere. Here is a framework, a few ideas, and resources to start living a life from truth, not lies. 


Identify the Voice

Do you know the messages you tell yourself? Can you put it into words? 

  • Try the Soundtrack Guide.
  • Start a Thought Log. It's like journaling for people who don't like to Journal. Once or twice a day, check-in with in yourself, and simply describe what is going on internally. Don't get caught up in why you are thinking or feeling what you are—simply take note. 
  • Talk to a friend about your themes. Invite someone who knows you well and knows the truth of God, and ask them to tell you what they've notices about how you describe your life. 


Invalidate the Voice

Where do you go to discover if the messages you tell yourself are true? How is our internal narrative disguising itself as truth, even though it’s not? And how can you get hostile towards it by wielding the word of God and what God says about you?

  • Get in a Group! Put yourself around people who know God and remind you of what’s true.  
  • Read the Bible. Be familiar with what God says about you and the messages you believe. Submit a prayer request on a connection card if you need help with where to begin. We will reach out to you this week with ideas. 


Install a New Voice (Based on Scripture) 

Start living a life from the truth—and not lies. 

  • Experiential activity. Do something that connects your body to the new truth you want to live in. Example: Write down the lies you believe on a stone and make a moment out of throwing them in a large body of water. 
  • Read the Bible (more). Yes, we included this again!   
  • Go to counseling
  • Go on a weekend retreat